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We are currently in need of winter coats, winter accessories, and new socks and underwear. If you have these items or are able to purchase them, please donate them to COH at 65 Rosemary Street during our drop-off hours so we can share them with homeless individuals and families in our partner shelters and clinics. Thank you!

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About the Go-To Crew

The Go-To Crew is a group of volunteers who have agreed to receive emails about urgent needs for specific items. Occasionally, we receive urgent requests for specific types of clothing or necessities from the shelters we serve. These items could be for families affected by a house fire. They could be for a family fleeing domestic violence with little time to prepare. Or the requests could fill some other urgent need of the shelter. Whatever the reason, at Circle of Hope we do our best to respond to these requests within 48 hours. 

When we receive an urgent request from a shelter, we send an email to our "Go-To Crew" listing the specific needs. Go-To Crew members check their homes for the needed items, collect them from family, friends, or colleagues, or purchase the items. Then, they drop the items off at Circle of Hope during our normal drop-off hours within 48 hours. From there, our volunteer drivers deliver the items to the shelter as soon as possible. 

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