Who We Serve

Circle of Hope has strategically partnered with 22 homeless shelters, clinics, and programs in Boston and MetroWest in order to provide clothing and necessities to 5,500 individuals experiencing homelessness each year. Circle of Hope strives to promote the health and dignity of homeless infants, children, women, men, LGBTQ youth and adults, and survivors of domestic violence by providing them with the items they need to stay warm and dry throughout all of New England's seasons. We are proud to partner with the following wonderful homeless shelters, clinics, and organizations:

homeless shelters

Casa nueva vida - Boston

Casa Nueva Vida provides shelter, housing, and case management to homeless families in Boston and Lawrence. Its mission is to provide families with the resources they need to lift themselves out of poverty.

Heading Home - Charlestown

Heading Home provides shelter and other services to homeless and low-income families in Boston and several neighboring communities. Its mission is to end homelessness in Greater Boston.

Rosie's Place - Boston

Rosie's Place was the first women's shelter in the United States when it was founded in 1974. There, they provide shelter, meals, and a range of supportive services to thousands of homeless and low-income women each year.

St. Francis House - Boston

St. Francis House is the largest day shelter in MA, serving 500 adults each day. St. Francis House also has 56 units of supportive housing and provides training to help individuals find jobs.

St. Ambrose Family Shelter - Dorchester

St. Ambrose Family Shelter is run by Catholic Charities. Staff at St. Ambrose offer services to support homeless each homeless family's transition into housing.

Y2Y Harvard Square - Cambridge

Y2Y is a Harvard University student-run overnight shelter for homeless young adults ages 18 -24 years. At Y2Y, young adults experiencing homelessness can access legal aid, career readiness, and creative expression programming.


Pearl Street Shelter - Framingham

Pearl Street Shelter is Circle of Hope's second partner shelter in Framingham. Pearl Street houses 12 families, including many children under five years old. Like Clinton House, Pearl Street is operated by SMOC.

Project Hope - Dorchester

Project Hope is an agency that provides a variety of supportive services to women with children. Circle of Hope provides clothing and necessities to residents of Project Hope's family shelter in Dorchester.

Southampton Street Shelter - Boston

Operated by Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program, Southampton Street Shelter is a men's shelter with the capacity to house more than 400 homeless men each night. Circle of Hope has been providing clothing, toiletries, and necessities to Southampton Street since 2014.

Woods-Mullen Shelter - Boston

Woods-Mullen Shelter is a women's shelter run by Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program and is located in the South End of Boston. 200 women find shelter there every night.

CLinton house - framingham

Clinton House is a shelter in Framingham that houses 8 families at a time. It is operated by South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC), which advocates for the needs of low-income and disadvantaged families.


Domestic Violence Shelters & Programs

Atask - Boston

Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence provides shelter and services to Pan-Asian survivors of domestic violence. Circle of Hope provides clothing to their emergency shelter to help survivors get safely back on their feet.

Renewal house - roxbury

Renewal House is a domestic violence program run by the UU Urban Ministry, headquartered in Roxbury. They provide counseling and advocacy to individual survivors as well as families fleeing violence.

Fenway health - boston

Fenway Health's mission is to enhance the wellbeing of the LGBT community by providing healthcare, education, and advocacy. Circle of Hope provides clothing and toiletries to their Violence Recovery Program (VRP), which provides services to survivors of domestic violence, hate crimes, police violence, and sexual assault.

Transgender Program BHCHP.jpg

Health Clinics & Other Programs

Boston healthcare for the homeless

Boston Healthcare for the Homeless provides comprehensive healthcare to homeless children and adults in the Greater Boston area. They offer healthcare, mental health counseling, and dental care at more than 60 sites throughout the area.

Boston Police Department - Jamaica Plain

Circle of Hope makes monthly deliveries to Boston Police Department District E-13. We provide clothing, coats, and necessities so that Community Service Officers can give it to homeless families throughout the neighborhood.

Episcopal Cathedral Lunch Program

The Monday Lunch Program at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral provides hot lunch to 150 homeless individuals per week in partnership with several other partner parishes. 

Jewish Family & Children's Services (JF & CS)

Circle of Hope partnered with JF & CS in 2017. Volunteers at JF & CS give Circle of Hope's Welcome Baby Bags to mothers with infants through the Visiting Moms Program. This partnership allows us to give the bags to Moms in a wider geographic area than we do on our own.

Women's Lunch Place - Boston

Women's Lunch Place is a day program where women can find meals, basic necessities, free healthcare, a resource center, and a Creative Expression Program. They serve 1,300 women annually.

Children's Clothing Exchange - Cambridge

Children's Clothing Exchange (CCE) is a program in Cambridge that provides gently-used children's clothing to parents in need. Parents can accumulate credits to put toward clothing and shoes for their children by either exchanging their child's outgrown items or volunteering.

On The Rise - Cambridge

On The Rise is a day program for chronically homeless women. They meet basic needs like meals, showers, and laundry, and provide crisis response and housing assistance. 

Bowdoin-Geneva Neighborhood - Dorchester

With the help of Rev. Richard Conway, Circle of Hope distributes clothing and toiletries to homeless and at-risk individuals living in the Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood of Dorchester. To read more about Father Conway's work, check out this article.