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Dear Friends of Circle of Hope,

When I first began collecting and donating clothing to Boston-area homeless shelters, I did so as a volunteer with the help of just a few friends. We were able to collect enough clothing to regularly make donations to three shelters in Downtown Boston. Then, in 2008, the economic recession hit. It became clear to me that the need for clothing and other necessities would continue to grow, and I founded Circle of Hope to help meet this growing need. Still, I could not have foreseen the rapid growth in homelessness throughout Massachusetts that would take place over the next 9 years. We have seen, in particular, an alarming growth rate of family homelessness - in fact, the fastest-growing homeless population is families with children under five years old.

The statistics are sobering, but there is good news, too. With the help of countless compassionate, dedicated volunteers, donors, and community members, Circle of Hope has kept pace with the growth in homelessness. We now make regular donations to 20 homeless shelters throughout Greater Boston and Metro West. We provide not only clothing, but also much-needed toiletries, baby items, bedding, and towels, each year giving $565,000 worth of necessities to help keep homeless infants, children, women, and men warm, dry, and healthy throughout the year. For many of our partner shelters, clinics, and homeless organizations, Circle of Hope is the sole provider of these crucial items. 

I could not be more grateful - and truly amazed - at the ceaseless generosity of Circle of Hope's supporters. With your help, we were able to serve more than 4,700 homeless individuals last year. As we move forward, we will continue to deepen and expand our services, always striving to meet the need where it is greatest. Thank you so much for your continued support.

With gratitude,

Barbara B. Waterhouse, Founder & Executive Director

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"At Circle of Hope, we hold out hope for those who might not have a lot of hope for themselves right now."

-Barbara Waterhouse, Executive Director